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years ago commuting on the New York Subway I reached into my side jacket pocket for my headphones, but it seems yet again some master seaman had been practicing knots on my headphones.

That was it...the initial frustration lead me on a passionate journey to invent a wires-free headset that seamlessly blends into our clothing, without looking like an Uber drive. No offense guys!

Over 20 years of Fashion experience combined with early studies in electronics gave me the tools needed to invent a totally unique Covert Docking Bluetooth Headset.


Q: Does Model 008 come with one or two earbuds?

A: 008 gives full stereo sound from the two earbuds included.

Q. What else is included in the box?

A. 2 x Buds, 2 x Wearable Bud-Docks, 1 x Button-stud Mic-Dock, 1 x Dual-Purpose Charger (12x Bud charges + mobile phone charger), 1 x micro-USB charge cord, Docking Guide, Instructions Manual.

Q. How long do the Bud batteries last?

A. Approximately 3 hours talk-time or music listening time. Then you can recharge them on the move up to 12 times from the PU leather bound 008 Charger.

Q. How strong are the magnetic Wearable-Docks? Will the buds come loose?

A. The Wearable-Docks use strong neo-dymium magnets to fix the buds in place. We've never experienced a bud coming loose in action. They’re also sweat proof and water-resistant.

Q. Can I install the Bud-Docks when wearing shirts or clothing?

A. We strongly recommend NOT installing Bud-Docks when wearing shirts or other clothing. The wearer could spike their finger with the pin of the Bud-Dock. Also caution should be paid when pushing the pin through the clothing. It’s recommended to push the pin through fabric with the Magnet-Cap held other side to give something protected to push against.